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Concierge Introductions — A High-End Dating Service in Palm Beach.

When you are looking for an attractive, smart, marriage-minded woman, you will see actual images of real girls at Concierge Introductions. With a massive database of girls who have conventional values, Concierge Introductions provides a convenient way for busy executives and other powerful guys who would like to establish a meaningful relationship with an global woman, but doesn’t have enough time to pursue the conventional dating scene or has been burned by unscrupulous girls previously.

Millionaire Matchmaker in Boca Raton — Concierge Introductions.

As a formal dating agency, Concierge Introductions makes locating a lovely Russian, LatinaAmerican or American girl with whom to create a connection incredibly easy and convenient. Our service helps these girls, as well, since many are from overseas cultures and are not familiar with the dating customs in America but want to establish a meaningful relationship with a successful and recognized spouse.

The photos you will see on this page are of actual girls that are looking for real connections. Unlike so many other dating services, we’re a high-end, millionaire, executive dating agency, and we do not post fake pictures or images of models on our site. As soon as you become a member of Concierge Introductions, you’ll have access to each the pictures within our database.

Looking to Date and Possibly Marry Beautiful Russian Girls in Palm Beach Gardens?

At Concierge Introductions, we take our duty to supply you with an excellent, enjoyable dating experience quite seriously. We go to great lengths to match your personality, lifestyle, and tastes with the girl of your dreams who will be the perfect fit for you. And because the protection of our clients-as and the girls who end up dating them-is of highest priority, we interview all our customers who need to also meet very stringent requirements before being able to date one of those girls at Concierge Introductions. In the same way, all our beautiful Russian, American, European, and Latina girls have been screened and screened, as well. It is also a necessity that most of our clients and girls be unmarried so no legal issues arise when union becomes a possibility.

When you are looking for an entirely secure and discreet forum for meeting, dating, and finally marrying beautiful ladies, Concierge Introductions offers an entirely discreet and relaxed service for your professional man who desires a fulfilling and potentially lifelong relationship with a stunning woman.

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Serving as Your Fort Lauderdale Matchmaker and Jupiter Dating Service — Concierge Introductions.

If you are a sophisticated, professional gentleman that wants to date, and perhaps marry, an available stunning, both cultured and higher class girl in South Florida, you can contact Concierge Introductions by phoning 561.319.5060 to begin the interview process. Or, feel free to fill out our handy online application so that we could contact you.

After doing some research I decided to give "Concierge Introductions" an attempt because their fees were fair in comparison to other exclusive matchmaking businesses, but the services offered are very personalized using a "private dating concierge" touch.

In my hard search to find a Russian or Ukrainian wife I was a member of International dating websites for years, and also took two failed trips to Russia. As soon as I heard about ‘Concierge Introductions" I knew right away that this is exactly what I wanted! They have an extensive record of Russian/Ukrainian girls who already reside in the USA! I joined the next day and in one week I met Lidya, who’s from Ukraine, and now lives in Miami. She speaks English, has her drivers license and a good job. My dream came true with no hassle of long distance trips, bringing a person new to this country over here, sending her to school to learn English and moving through tough immigration/legalization process. You guys saved me plenty of time, effort and money and I am quite happy now sharing my house with a gorgeous Ukrainian Lady of my dreams, who is not just warm and caring, but is also great cook! 02/19/2011.

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